She Was Wearing A Sun Dress

This morning as I was on my way to church, I passed a little grocery store on the way to the subway and out walked a really pretty girl. Like she was ulzzang x 9999. Her hair was long and auburn. Our eyes had met as she came out of the store, shining like an angel, and once again as we passed each other. We politely smiled and went our separate ways. I turned around to see if she had lived in my direction, but she had already disappeared.

Such is the cruelness of the universe. :[

That awkward moment when a girl smiles because she thinks you’re checking her out, but you’re really just looking at her hair and clothes for ideas for your future manga.

INFJ Male Problem #2139

I want to be pursued and patiently waited for.

This may sound a little sexist, but I feel like girls want the guy who they like to chase after them, obsess about them, and pursue them with all that they have. And yet when it’s switched around, the guy is a jerk. 

(*/□\*) (*/□\*) (*/□\*)

August Summary

  • I’ve noticed that some mangakas’ works have like interruptions in their lines… It’s as if they just took a 1 pixel eraser and sporadically dragged it across their work willy nilly.

  • I just discovered Chester’s (from Linkin Park) side project Dead By Sunrise. It’s not bad, kind of angsty but his voice is so awesome.

  • You know what’s annoying? When you want to be introduced to a girl you’ve just met, but the mutual friend has a crush on you, so you can’t just ask her.

  • I should probably trust my intuition more, it’s almost always spot on.


You know what’s weird? When you buy your mom some perfume, and then you hang out with your crush and she’s using the same stuff. Yep. Weird.


Today one of my facebook friends wanted people’s opinions about the ps4 versus an xbox one.

Someone replied they should get a psV… I want to slap him…

I’m not really sure why… but here are some pikachu’s being all cute.

I’m not really sure why… but here are some pikachu’s being all cute.

Day Number Fifty Five

Once when I was younger there was a girl who liked me and of course I didn’t like her back. There was one specific incident that I remember that made me entirely angry.

The incident had happened after a group of us had hung out. The girl had been feeling down that day due to other things (what I can only assume to be piled on top of my lack of interest in her), and eventually broke down. Instead of asking me if I had anything to do with her episode, her friends instinctively asked me “What did you do?” with a sort of death glare. Now I’m not a saint, but I have never in my life purposefully tried to cause emotional harm to another person. And although I don’t hold any grudges against those friends, I wish they had at least apologized to me.