Day Number Fifty Five

Once when I was younger there was a girl who liked me and of course I didn’t like her back. There was one specific incident that I remember that made me entirely angry.

The incident had happened after a group of us had hung out. The girl had been feeling down that day due to other things (what I can only assume to be piled on top of my lack of interest in her), and eventually broke down. Instead of asking me if I had anything to do with her episode, her friends instinctively asked me “What did you do?” with a sort of death glare. Now I’m not a saint, but I have never in my life purposefully tried to cause emotional harm to another person. And although I don’t hold any grudges against those friends, I wish they had at least apologized to me.

"Even if rain comes not,
I will stay here
together with you."
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Today Is a Sad Day

I went to the pharmacy where I usually buy my chapstick naturals today, and they don’t carry them anymore! I am pretty bummed about it. I think I only have 5 or 6 left… dangit… I knew I should have just bought them all when I had the chance…

I find it difficult to think on my feet and under pressure. I am the person who thinks of a witty retort minutes or hours after the situation has passed.
— John Bertram
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It is often hard to accept the death of a loved one, but it is not death that wrings our hearts. Death is hard simply because of the idea that there could have been something you could have done, or that you should have spent more time with them when you had the chance. It is regret. Death has no power…

5 Easy Steps To Being a Better Coworker

  1. STOP comparing yourself to other coworkers. So what if Jane comes in at 9am when you got to work at 8:30am? So what if John looks like they’re doing less work than you? Just do your work and be happy. Making yourself miserable, only makes others around you more miserable.

  2. Stop being so serious. It’s great that you’re committed to the company and want it to be the best company out there. But don’t force that upon other coworkers. If they suck, they’ll get fired.

  3. Be honest. If you don’t like a certain someone, express it, or talk to them about it. Don’t just feign being nice in front of them. And stop complaining to other coworkers about them, they’re sick of it.

  4. If you expect someone to do something in a certain way, you better damn well be willing to do the same. If not, keep your mouth shut and shut the full cup.

  5. If you don’t like something about a project, don’t just say “Oh, we need to change this.” and expect the other person to know exactly what you want. Give a freaking suggestion. Anything. ANYTHING!!! Especially after the 5th freaking time you do it about the same issue on the same project.

That’s right, I knew it all along. No matter what happens, she’s the one I want. Even if I hurt others, I won’t give up on her. That’s just how love is.

Pet Peeve #927

If you have a request, just ask me, don’t act like you’re interested about my life when you’re not. Really, I won’t mind.

In fact, I think the next time someone asks me how I’ve been before asking me for a favor, I’m just going to reply with the most dramatic response ever and hope they lose the nerve to ask me. 

You know what really grinds my gears? When mangas start off with like 40 page chapters and then start getting shorter and shorter, until they’re like 15 a chapter… >:O